Sunday, June 01, 2008

With moving house we discovered that some of the furniture we intended for certain spaces won't actually fit into those rooms in the new place!

So we've had to do a bit of a hot-shoe shuffle and have made things work with some exciting results...

I have had a yarn / stash / storage epiphany!

You may remember way back a whiles ago when a nasty little critter weaseled its way into my lovely yarn and wreaked havoc upon my stash mentality. Granted my stash WAS living in a basket sitting flat on the carpetted floor in a not-well-frequented room and was hardly ever dislodged or ferreted through - perfect housing for a carpet beetle or other such insect I will henceforth attempt not to discriminate against based on their choice of diet alone. *immense restraint*

However, not only did I remove the sash from said unsavoury location, I also went a little bit hysterically mental with plastic wrappings.

plastic nonfantastic
Plastic non-fantastic

But no more I tell you!! No more!! I henceforth say NO to suffocating my yarn in tight and air-less plastic bags!

I refuse to lock it all away in tubs and will NO MORE support the generic zip lock bag manufacturers with my paranoid and agoraphobic behaviours!

I have decided that since the GIANT multi-shelved unit we bought for my studio will no longer fit into the studio and is currently residing in one of the main living areas... my stash shall reside there too!!

This will have several fantastically marvellous outcomes...

1. How much more inspired will I be to knit with all he luscious yarns I have already in my collection, when I can see them every day!! So often I sort of forget or overlook fibrey deliciousness I have with me simply because it's ferreted away and I don't SEE it!

2. For me, the enjoyment of my fibrey lovelies is more than the knitting or spinning process - I'd like to be able to enjoy the sensuous look of the skein not only when I purchase the yarn and then get it out to knit with, but be able to enjoy the pleasing aesthetics of these colourful, vibrant, textured goodies all the time!!

3. Why not spread the joy? Friends and family probably have worked out by now that I'm more than a little fibre obsessed... but do they really have a realistic depth of understanding of that obsession? By placing on display for all to admire and fondle perhaps I might lure some others over to our realm! Or at least tempt them a little *grin*

fibre freedom
Fibre Freedom! Doesn't that feel better?

I don't think I'll relocate the ENTIRE stash, as some of it is in a bit of a shamozzle, but certainly all complete skeins, balls and cones will be settling into their new home soon! I also won't be commandeering the ENTIRE wall unit, but putting little yarn possies in amongst the books, ornaments and other things we'll have in there :) Pictures to come once it's all sorted!


Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

Hurray for yarn displays! Mine is all tucked away into scrapbooking cubes (well, not all of it... It won't all fit).

But the pictures beg the question, did you make that adorable crocheted basket?! And where can *we* get the pattern??

Ann said...

Sounds like a good plan & it will be perfect to sit & knit & admire the yarn at the same time. Unfortunately, I can't do it with my stash as I am afraid to bring them all out!