Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our new toy!

After much ogling and saving we've at last added a new toy to our playtime! A ps3!

Initially we were less than impressed by what we'd seen and heard of the ps3 and the sneaky marketting sony used, but I can say that having one in our home now we've discovered all the benefits and shiny goodness to be had!

I think Sony have missed out on one element of their marketting though... nowhere on the packaging does sony extol the virtues of the ps3 box as a niddy noddy!!

playstation niddy noddy

And yet look how useful it is for skeining handspun yarn!!

THe new toy has, admittedly, taken up more hours of our time than it should, but we're putting that down to initial excitement and a 'getting-to-know-you' phase ;) I'm sure we will soon return to going outside, eating real food and talking to other humans. In fact in a few hours we're doing all of those things by heading out to a fabulous Mothers' Day picnic! Hurrah!

p.s. more on that handspun next post!


Michelle said...

oooh. somebody got PS3!!! tian wanted to get one soon too!!

2paw said...

Oh nice green wool around the box thingy!!!