Monday, May 12, 2008


This is what happens when I talk too much and too excitedly at knitting group!

cph blurry cable mistwist

Oh noes!
The cable on the left should be leaning to the LEFT at the top there, not to the right like the cable with the stitch marker!

Nevermind, this was at knitting group a few weeks ago so I've since dropped those stitches down and fixed the mistwist in the cable! I'm enjoying having the confidence now to drop those stitches down that need fixing, rather than having to tink back however many rows to get to the problem area.

(excuse the dodgy blurry photo - it was evening and hard to take a nice one without flash)


Michelle said...

oh no!! hope you got it fixed!!!

Inori said...

Are you blaming our exciting conversation for your nooby mistake? *giggles*