Monday, June 09, 2008

Another knit nutt!!

Yesterday my lovely Mum came down to see our new pad.

We both had a fair chunk of time free to spend together so we decided it was the perfect opportunity for our first knitting lesson! Yay!!

Yes indeed, Mum has come over and joined us in the KNIT! Wheee!! *beams*
I am so phenomenally excited about this!!

I had given Mum a skein of delicious Malabrigo worsted in the Velvet Grapes colourway – perfect rich purples for her favourite colours! Mum had seen my Verity, knit from worsted Malabrigo and liked the idea of making a beret for her first project.

So we set about finding the perfect pattern (thankyou Ravelry!!) and settled on the excellent beret recipe from Through The Loops – The One Day Beret!

I decided that I would jump righto onto that beret bandwagon (you can never have too many berets, right?) and balled up my Amaroso Malabrigo worsted into a nice tasty yarn cake so Mum and I can have our own little KnitAlong for her very first project!!

We sat out the back in the relaxing out door area and started our lesson! With some plain, light pink yarn (8ply) I demonstrated the basic stitches and passed the knitting over for Mum to have a go. Well! I might as well have sent her home straight away to get started – she is BRILLIANT! A natural knitter! Instantly comfortable holding the needles and manipulating stitches, she was ‘k2tog’-ing and ‘kf&b’ing in no time!!

So after a quick demo of how magic loop works to knit in the round, we both cast on for what we’ve named our Berry Berets! Mum’s in mulberry and plum colours and mine in raspberry/strawberry!

When it finally got too dark and too cold and we deigned it time to pack it in (Mum had a long drive ahead of her, plus it’s a ‘school night’!) and were both about 6cm diameter into our berets! Very exciting!

It was SO delightful to spend that time with Mum sharing something I am so passionate about and even more thrilling to see Mum’s enthusiasm and delight in learning the new skills! We would often stop and clap our hands with glee, giggling with the joy of sharing the craft together.

I know we have many more such fabulous knitterly moments together ahead of us, awaiting in our crafting future! How magnificent to have another knit nutt in the family!! =D

(apologies for lack of pictures – they will come eventually, as soon as internet is back up at home!)


inoriz said...

I miss home... :(

Ann said...

Sounds like you & mum had such a lovely time. Can't wait to see both of you in your matching berets.

2paw said...

How nice that knitting connects you and your mum. My mum and I spend lots of our talking time on the phone chatting about our knitting too!!