Friday, June 06, 2008

Happy Camper

Despite immeasurable house chaos and the frustration of…

Me: “Have you seen my Greek fisherman cap?”
Skoot: “Where did I see the grater…?”
Both: “WHERE are the phone chargers?!”
and would you believe it neither of us can find the Giant. Waist high. Bright white. Washing basket even though we’ve checked every room – where can something that big HIDE?!

…I am a very happy camper =)

Am so very much in love with new job that, were I not committed to another, I might very well marry it. Yes, at the moment I’m in a cubicle with no windows, and haven’t really got ALL that much to keep me occupied until we fly out. But the area is SO gorgeous for walking around at lunch time with innumerable options for delicious lunch fare and colleagues are unreal, that I feel that balances out the current downfalls =)

It’s super exciting as this is my first role in this kind of industry, and although the Shveetie has worked away Fly-In Fly-Out before, I haven’t! So I’ve experienced it second hand but this will be my first time working away on remote locations and all the exciting jazz that goes with that!

So wish me luck!

When we actually get going that is... The project is pretty involved and worth kajillions so of course the planning involved and changes to plans, delays and variations keep coming in. But relatively soon I’ll get my notification of my mobilisation date and then I can get down with the important decision making…
what sort of knitting to pack!!

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2paw said...

I am glad to read that your new job is great!!!!