Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photo update!

We has teh internets! Hurrah!!

Unfortunately.. what we also have is some sort of strange fault in our monitor following its voyage from one house to the next, so now the screen constantly shakes in some fit-inducing quake!

But that is nuuuuussssing when I has mine internets! *grin*
(note: for those of you who wonder where my grammar and elocution have run away to, please visit www.icanhascheezburger.com for much hilarity)

So to make up for all those picture-less posts, and to stop myself from having some sort of seizure from typing too much looking at this screen, I give thee... a picture update!

Firstly, my hoodii progress - now officially a hoodii, with a HOOD!
cph hood june 08 020
I continued the cable up the back of the hood, instead of it being truncated at the neck

Unfortunately miss-timed cable crossings at the front though!
cph hood 2 june 08 021
Will have to sort something out to fix that up...

Kitchenered the hood seam which went well
cph kitchener hood june 08 017
The slight seam from grafting a little tightly will block out I reckon...

And now some Works In Progress shots!

My Moseys!
mosey june 08 002
Well.. mosey singular still at this stage, but coming along nicely :)

Lace ribbon scarf knitted with Rebekkah's most exellent happy rainbow handspun
ribbon lace june 08 011
An absolute joy to be knitting up *beams*

The raspberry flavoured malabrigo worsted (amoroso colourway) all wound up and ready to get started as my berry beret!
june 08 014

Lovely Mum's berry beret is in velvet grapes, and in much more succulent purples than this photo suggests!
malabrigo grapes

berry beret june 08 007
Berry beret beginnings
berry beret 2 june 08 008

And some new projects on the needles!

Rachel's "toes"!
toes june 08 016

A super simple garter stich beanie knit flat for one of the little frosty bubs in my life!

stripes hat june 08 010
They must all have knit wear, I declare!!

And a Norah Gaughan pattern simply named "#12 Skirt" from the Spring/Summer 2008 Knit 1 mag.
norah skirt june 08 003
I love the swingy style and eyelet bands - think I must knit this at some point!


Ann said...

Wow - so many gorgeous projects on the needles - you must be busy knitting.

Michelle said...

ah. like ann said, you've been a really busy knitter!!! look at the CPH!! almost done now!! :) and so many yummy yarns!!! can i take a bite? ^_^

2paw said...

Oh so much beautiful wool: I can see the squooshiness and almost feel it: Love the scarf. I have looked at my CPH pieces.....