Sunday, June 22, 2008

Berry Beret!

Well after much deliberation over decreases, frogging, and testing the stretchiness of rib…

Berry frogging

…my Berry Beret is completed!

Berry Beret! (2)

But will I wear it.. hmmm...?

Pattern: One Day Beret, Through the Loops
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Amaroso, less than one skein
Needles: KP metal Options, 5mm (4mm for rib), magic loop knitting
Modifications: I didn't use the equation on the pattern to calculate my decreases, as I found it left me with too many stitches and not a small enough circumferance for my head! So instead I reduced down to 80 stitches (instead of the 96 the pattern equation came to) and did a 2x2 rib instead of 1x1.

I’m sure whether I quite like it or not.. It doesn’t quite sit how I think I’d like it to. A little too droopy, or flat on the top or.. something though I can’t figure out quite what it is! Too much slouch? Not enough slouch? Not decreasing fast enough? I think the main problem is that I’m comparing it to my other hand knit beret – the Verity Beret. And I LUFF my verily green verity, so have of course set the bar very high for other beret. Plus the Verity has a sort of.. gathered ruffle effect almost, which is very different to this sort of smooth flat beret.

I don’t know.. Any suggestions?

Mum’s beret is zooming along VERY nicely indeed J The colours of the Velvet Grapes Malabrigo are so rich and luscious – perfect for Mum! She’s so smitten with it, in fact, she’s planning an entire cardigan of the lovely soft stuff in the future!
[photo of Mum’s beret to come – I haven’t uploaded it yet!]

As you can see from my troubles taking photos the weather here has been generally blissfully sunny during the day...

Berry Beret!

But FREEZING in the early morning and night!
I think I need to knit myself up some mittens to wear on my walk from the train station to work… Maybe a chance to try out fair isle?

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Ann said...

I think the beret turned out well & looks good on you. I love the color.