Thursday, June 05, 2008

teh internets, i not has them

Part and parcel of moving house is of course transfering phone, internet, postal mail and all sorts across from one address to the other.
In our case (and it seems in most) there's an inherent delay in transfering our old phone number and... TEH INTERNETS!
I know... life without the internet for a knitter is a grey, pale version of normal life. But we must struggle on. *grim determination*
So at the moment I only have work access to teh internets, and because I'm still new here ( and LUFFING it by the way! *beams* ) I don't want to abuse my internets priveleges - well.. even if I wasn't new I wouldn't want to!!
So posting and such will be sporadic for the moment, but rest assured there is much knitting going on!

1 comment:

Dame Wendy said...

Ah the internets, I hate when they're in transit. ;)