Thursday, July 10, 2008

Starry Plans

Not much more of an update yet, I'm afraid - although I did pick up some fresh batteries at the camp store as a last ditch attempt to see if my camera will revive!

In the meantime, I thought I'd do a little mini-promo for some of the fabulous etsy vendors I've bought fabulous goodies from in the past. Sort of like an irregular and less expansive version of Cosmicpluto's Etsy Fridays :)

So for today... Starry Designs!
Cindy creates beautiful, unique jewellery in silver, beads and pearls - truly enchanting.
I was gifted earrings similar to those above as a farewell gift when I left my last workplace - One of my good friends there had remembered me mentioning how much I admired the creations at Starry Designs and hunted down my favourite set from my description and had them sent over for my farewell! They are now amongst my most treasured "pretties", not only for sentimental value, but for simple love of the design, materials and style too :)

I have just ordered another little something from Cindy's lovely collection. Now that I'm earning a little more, working away Fly-In Fly-Out, I decided to treat myself!

starry 1

These lovely little silver globes remind me of gorgeous shiny balls of yarn - delightful!! I think they'll be perfect to wear as a nice casual accent for work and play, not too flashy but a little bit different and special too :)


I highly recommend cruising over to Starry Designs and parusing all the wonderful pretties!

Hope you are all enjoying the week and whatever magical adventures you might be up to :)


bink said...

And thus I become even MORE addicted to Etsy... :D

Look forward to more of these posts! :)

thetinylittlegirl said...

oh the little nest earrings are gorgeous! great find.

Kate said...

Those earrings are lovely. I always enjoy your blog. Just wish you lived closer as you're always highlighting things I'd love to buy! :)

Ann said...

Lovely earrings. Hope you are enjoying your work. Thanks for the link.

Leah said...

Those are fantastic! Thanks so much for posting them!!