Saturday, July 05, 2008

Red Dust

Long time no blog because, much to my great excitement, I am blogging from the great North West of Australia!

No photos as yet as my camera's having a little bit of a wet lately, but hopefully soon I'll sort it out and be able to post some. The colours are incredible up here - the sky is SO huge and SO vividly blue, and the terrain so burnished red - just gorgeous. I've encountered some "wildlife" so far, a little bubby huntsman (I think he was a huntsman..) spider in my room when I first moved on to camp! But also a wedge tail eagle cruising around the big blue in magnificent fashion.

See, I'm working away in the construction industry, hence being situated in the fabulous, if exrtemely isolated, Pilbarra. I'm absolutely loving it so far, apart from missing the Scrumptious bum, of course. Hopefully given a little bit of time we can both be up here together! Our plans are in motion.. oh yes... in motion I say...

So the work hours are long each day, and the work days are long each fortnight - just the one day off each fortnight. But the people are incredible, the environment stunning, and the knitting of course continues!

More details later, and some photos too!

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Ann said...

No wonder I have not heard from you. Do call when you are back as I will love to hear all about it. Take care.