Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Caramel Suri

On our trrip down south we had only a couple of objectives we wanted to carry out...

1) Extreme relaxation

2) Checking out properties to get an idea of what we want and where

3) Visiting and cuddling various critters, including Alpacas

and for me..
4) Acquiring some alpaca fleece for Arthur

Happily we succeeded in all objectives, and this is the product of number 4:
Suri fleece
An absolutely succulent bag of Suri fleece in a rich caramel colour.

It is incredibley silky soft - almost creepy in its likeness to human hair, but so much softer and finer. I am very much looking forward to spinning this up, and plan to play with it pretty much un-tampered with - I don't think I'll card it out or anything, just spin straight from the luscious fleece, all in its little locks of smooth silky goodness!

Has anybody spun with Suri Alpaca fleece before? Any hot tips or tales of delight?


Amanda said...

That looks absolutely amazing. Look forward to the spun (is that the right word?) product.

Ann said...

The color is gorgeous. Did you see any nice properties?