Saturday, December 06, 2008


CPH buttoned full
May I present... my closable hoodii!! :D
CPH buttoned (7)o
During this R&R I built up enough momentum (largely due to encouragement form my shweetie!) to put down my current projects and attach the closures to my Central Park hoodii!
Nov 08 022
I am SO excited to have the I-cord and paddington buttons affixed - it has made the hoodii infinitely more wearable - if only the weather was still cool enough to need it! Nevermind, something to look forward to, a nice frosty winter next year for me to don my hoodii every day!
CPH buttoned (9)
I've come to think of this hoodii more as my Kings Park hoodii, than Central Park hoodii, seeing as the Westeran Australia equivalent of new York's Central Park is Kings Park, which I've covered in a previous post.
CPH buttoned (3)
Kings Park is in fact the world's largest inner city park and is a lovely spot to visit if you ever visit W.A. We've been intending to spend a day there wandering about taking photos since we've got a new camera to play with and a fun super macro setting to boot!
CPH buttoned (1)
I must say I feel a little shy putting some of these shots up as some of them look a little 'posed' even though they were snapped by my shweetie while we were chatting and such taking the photos very naturally byt they do show all my favourite elements of the hoodii really well so I couldn't leave them out, no matter how I might blush!


Amanda said...

Love the Hoodii. I've made the Rogue but I think I might have to have a shot at this one next winter. It looks great.

shine said...

Love it!

Ann said...

Great to see the Hoodie all done & looks so lovely on you. I also recently (after a year of wearing it) put toggles on mine.

2paw said...

It's beautiful!! (Love the Gumby Tshirt too.) Well worth all the blood, sweat and tears!!

Michelle said...

hey sasha!! you did such a fantastic job on your CPH!!! love it!!!!!!!!!