Sunday, December 07, 2008

High Heat

Oh my goodness... I knew the Pilbara was a suffocatingly hot region, but yesterday we experienced a little of just how hot it can get!!

41 degress celsius (perhaps even higher) during the day yesterday - which for those Yanks out there, is 105 Fahrenheit! YIKES!

Luckily, my work keeps me mostly in an office so I don't have to endure the heat too much - but the Scrumptious Bum? He's out in the heat, and sun for almost the entire 11 hour day - phew :( Pretty exhausting stuff

Today's forecast to reach a similar heat, cooling to around the 25 degree celcius mark over night.
Deep thick thunderstormy clouds often cover the sky and the air can feel quite electric with all the negative ions buzzing about.

Fortunately, our dongas are equipped with great air-cons which we run on low when we're there to keep things tolerable - also means my knitting isn't compromised ;)

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Ann said...

That's hot - it was about 30+ here & I felt so hot. This is what I hate about summer - the heat. Keep cool.