Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crafting in the Night!

I am SO excited!

... yes, you're stunned, I know - such a rare emotion for me, right?

I have put aside all of this evening for crafting - specifically, Festivuss Crafting! I picked up a pot of instant noodles this morning when we were packing our crib (read "smoko", read "lunch") so I can have that for dinner in our little donga rooms rather than having to walk down to the dry mess for a meal. I haven't foolishly committed to any social engagements, have been very careful not to do that - "oooh pub tonight?!" - "quick drink after work?" - "walking home?" - my answer to all of these shall be a polite decline.

I am so looking forward to stitching up little mini-knits, gluing, ribboning, adding bells to things, cutting out card and pictures, sprinkling sparkles... I can hardly wait!!

Now I much prefer posting with pictures, and since I have some extras not yet shared of our trip down south I thought I'd share some - two of my faves ;) We were driving along this country road and as we zoomed by I squealed "GIANT YAAAAARN!!" so on the way back we pulled over, and got a shot of me holding the giant yarn ball...


It actually took several shots because as you might have guessed the "yarn" was in fact much more giant than in that top photo...

...it was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!

heheee ;D

This particular homestead had two ginormous balls of entwined barbed-wire atop a pole - one on each side of their gate - such fun.. such, such fun *beaming grin*


Ann said...

Hope you finish stitching up all your little Chrissy pressies. Can't wait to see pics of your creations.

Kate said...

Love those photos! I leave laughing every time I visit your cute blog.

Kate said...

Oops. Where's my brain? Forgot to mention - we gave you a kreative blog award..

Melita said...

I love those "yarn" balls, it's a fantastic idea for all that rusty barbed wire!!