Monday, December 15, 2008

Shaking off the moss

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, but unfortunately the cobble boulder has been in a bit of a static state lately what with all the Christmas stocking kntiting that went on, plus with the jumper being so ginormous now it's relegated to at-home knitting only, and since most of mine happens during the trips to and fro work and in lunch breaks, it doesn't result in much air-time!

Dec 08 Cobble boulder

But the last few days cobble boulder has been dusted off, rolling ever faster and is now oh-so-close to being finished! I'm partway through a purl round, after which I get to indulge in another satisfying decrease round, making the yoke smaller and smaller so I can whip out the rounds faster and faster!!

I can barely restrain myself from staying up uber late, or dragging it along to work with me to finish this super soft knit for my shweetie!


Ann said...

Love the color but it must be hot to be knitting that jumper. I have put my jumper knitting aside for next year.

Michelle said...

when i saw those rows of garter sts, i knew that you're knitting the cobblestone!! it's looking great!! cant wait to see the FO!! what yarn are you using btw?