Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dare devil

Now I know the rules are being revised at the moment, but to this point I haven't heard of the restrictions on taking such dangerous items as knitting needles and *gasp* crochet hooks (yes, even the non-pointy cousin of the knitting needles has been singled out in flight safety literature I've seen) being lessened to allow we crafty folks to maximise the efficiency of flight time and STITCH ON BOARD.


flight sky
High above northern Western Australia - the clouds look suspended.

In any case, the company I work for uses a charter flight to ferry workers to and fro, so the rules and regulations are still in place but sometimes can be a little easier to circumvent. Friendly flight attendants you see every flight tend to be a little more lenient when they see you carefully extricate your current socks from the carry on bag (after take off of course so they can't snatch them off and chuck them out the door on to the tarmac just before take off) and start fertively knitting away.

So I've been a happy camper lately, getting a little knitting done on board which makes the time fly past like the knitting off my needles - yay! :D

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Ann said...

You are lucky that you can knit on your company plane. Some airlines (not Qantas) do allow knitting but not with metal needles. I have knitted socks on Singapore Airlines & I hope I can do it again when I go to Singapore in 3 weeks' time.