Friday, December 12, 2008

Knew Knitty is fishy

As most of you 'net savvy fibre-fiends out there will know, the newest edition of Knitty is out and has a BARREL load of patterns! Within the buffet of patterns a lot of smaller projects are nestled which would make excellent last-dash Festivuss giftings too.

I have to say my personal favourite is fishy, the fish hat.

fishy 1

Ohhh how I LUFF the droop of the tail, the possibilities for striping, the goggley eyes and perky fins! I plan to make one of these for Skoot, myself and the Monkey Pup so we can all cruise around together in a little school of fish hats! hehee


Ann said...

I will love to see the 3 of you wearing the Fish hats - it will be a great picture. Happy knitting.

Sam said...

Those hats are awesome.

Katherine said...

I am so making one of these and wearing it to work :)