Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sock Nutt!

My sock knitting fever has continued and I have cranked out a little pair of jester-like sockettes for a good friends little boy, who live far away so need lots of handknit goods - hurrah!!
Bosko's Socks Dec 08
I'm very happy with how they turned out since I didn't do any planning before hand, simply cast on with the magic cast on at the toe with 2.75mm harmony DPNs and go cracking!!
Bosko's Socks Dec 08 (2)
A couple of little ribbing bands to add interest
Bosko's Socks Dec 08 (5)
And a row of little bobbley picot trim at the top!
Bosko's Socks Dec 08 (3)
Knit with Cascade Fixation they have a great amount of stretch and will be perfectly cool for the Australian climate.
Bosko's Socks Dec 08 (4)
They'll be much too big for little Bosko at the moment, but everything else I've knit him has turned out too small! So this time I decided I will make them large enough to DEFINITELY fit him at some point!

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Ann said...

Gorgeous socks & I am sure they will look lovely on the little boy.