Saturday, January 31, 2009

Newest Short Term Gratification

So I have some finished knits to share, but there's two chances of my posting the pictures I just took out the front... buckley's and f.. well, not much chance let's say...

So instead I bring you a couple of peculiar shots of my newest short-term-gratification knit, or the yarn at least.

Morning glory bower 2

Some lovely handspun by the Yarn Wench, purchased many moons ago, several years infact, before I was a spinner myself.

Morning Glory Bower - 122 yards (5 oz) of comfotingly soft merino in a super bulky weight.

Morning Glory Bower

I'm only a few inches in to this newest project, but I'll post photos soon! And photos of the beret will follow too - but since my camera disappeared the other night amongst the drunken shenanigans we're left wth our old camera, which was replaced since the LCD screen broke and you can't see what you're taking photo of! Suffice to say the beret shots aren't so fabulous...

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Ann said...

Nice yarn & lovely colors. You are doing a great spinning job. I am learning to spin too & just bought a little spindle. Now I just need some tops & I can start.