Friday, April 10, 2009

A long radio silence again - I know, I'm a very bad little blogger!!

This R&R has been absolutely crazy-person busy though, so that is my one excuse!
A combination of super fun ultra-terrific moments and an exhausting bombardment of have-to's we barely had a moment spare!!

One of the magic moments was sharing times with one of my closest friends on her wedding day. The pre-wedding preparations; hair, make-up, final details, photos etc.. The stunning ceremony itself high on a hill over looking native reserve of gorgeous Australian bush and out to the ocean. And finally the wonderful reception!

Bon's wedding (15)
(bouquets of stunning natives)

The wedding had a general Jane Austen feel to it; the dresses styled after Regency period attire, the gents in properly fashioned british made Mr Darcy suits *swooon* and even a quill and ink to sign the official documents!

One of my favourite parts was the inclusion of lawn games at the reception - quoits, giant jenga, hula hoops and bocce to name just a few! I had such a ball and Bink, I'm so delighted and honoured to have shared the day with you - thank you :)

The remainder of our R&R was spent in a somewhat chaotic foray of packing, sorting and culling all our belongings in preparation for garage sale and moving house next break.
Oh. My. Goodness. I always underestimate just how many THINGS we have.
I attempted to organise my stash and take photos of all my fibre and yarn but couldn't complete the task so have to tackle taht again next time. I have about as much stash as I thought I would - but it'll be good ot take some official stash shots and document each skein on my Ravelry page.

Then on Wednesday we were off and out the door by 3:30am on a monster drive back up north!
We decided to drive rather than fly for various reasons, and it was quite a fun adventure I have to admit!

simple shawl

The 13 hours in the car gave me ample time to get stuck in to a new project - details pending, for now I leave you with a shot of the beautiful colours that greeted us as we drove north north north on Wednesday - a little blurry through the smudged windscreen, but stunning none-the-less :)

pilbara sunrise

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