Monday, June 22, 2009

Glimpse of Rainbow

We flew in for R&R and have been enjoying stormy weather, sheets of rain and grey-white skies which has been DELICIOUS! Every now and then there has been a glimpse of rainbow here and there amongst the clouds, or tidied away in the corner of the sky somewhere.

rainbow (3)

The Lace Ribbon scarf just wasn't working for this yarn - it looked fantastic but was too fiddly a knit to do socially, but not complex enough to engage my attention on its own, so that pattern is put on the backburner for a thicker yarn at another time.


I'm so in love with the new incarnation of this yarn - into a lovely triangular scarf/shawlette - a style and amazingly wearable knit that I've come to adore. It's knitting up fabulously so far, and I'll be able to truly enjoy the wonderful handspun every moment it's snuggled up against my neck, draped over a shoulder and casting little glimpses of rainbow where ever I go.

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Ann said...

Gorgeous colors! Which shawl are you knitting? I have just cast on Ishbel.