Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stranded Bolt Cosy!

Whooops! I knit this little number up months ago and forgot to post about it!

So without further delay - I present to you Stranded Bolt Cosy!
bolt cosy (4)

Skoot and I both have gun licences and rifles (a controversial issue guns, isn't it?!) which we adore, and part and parcel of owning firearms are the rigourous safety and security controls.

A gun safe, a lock box, a separate ammunition case and so on and so on.. It's not compulsory, but we store the bolts separately to the rifles themselves. If you're not familiar with how a rifle works - without the bolt the worst you can do with a rifle is whack someone over the head with it. Removing the bolt turns a fire stick into just.. a stick.

But it's important to keep the bolts nice and cosy, safe and unscratched - enter the bolt cosy!

I knit this one up as a strip of stranded knitting in Shweetie's favourite colours (this one is for his .22) with a funny elbow in it to create the flap. Then with trusty Edward Sir Sewing Machine I attached some polar fleece lining and sewed it up!

bolt cosy

I must admit my sewing leaves a little to be desired.. but it was quite diffiuclt sewing such a thick wad of fabric with the regular foot (I must get more familiar with my sewing machine so I can swap between feet and use all the fabulous features).

The bolt cosy is a huge success and I definitely see some more in mu future :)


Jackie said...

This is fantastic! And yay you for posting it. I know people get so weary around controversial issues, but I think it's great that you practice the skill, the safety, and the right.

Three cheers!

Mary Jane said...

Brilliant! a bolt cosy!