Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jane Austen... now with ultraviolent zombie mayhem!

Ohmigoodness... I am SO excited!

Not so surprising I know since that seems to be my standard state, but still this is VERY fun!

I caught up with my lovely friend Bink yesterday and was gifted a most marvellous book...

Zombie Austen

Now I admit the cover is a little confronting... both Bink and I have to turn the book over when it sits on the ngiht stand.. but it is a MOST hilarious and fabulous read!

Based heavily on the original works of Pride & Prejudice, the new co-author has amended parts of the book, while staying perfectly in sync with Jane Austen's writing style, to incorporate a society beset by plagues of the undead!! hehee!


Michelle said...

I saw this book at Borders on Saturday!! Haha. I was like OMG?? A Zombie version of Pride and Prejudice? Just so you know, I'm reading the original Pride and Prejudice at the moment. It's a slow journey at the moment :P

2paw said...

I bought this for my friend's birthday, along with Lost in Austen and the Anniversary updated P&P. I am being 'good' and waiting to read it after she has. I did read the first chapter and it reads well!!!
In Friends, Joey kept Little Women in the freezer when it got too scary!!!