Monday, June 15, 2009


I don't think I've ever finished something that has felt so fast, so soft and so fun to knit!

We had a Pajama Party this Friday night (One day off every fortnight so we tend to go a bit mental!) and since my 'jamies aren't very pajamaic I decided I should whip up a long stocking style knitted beanie.

I had two skeins of malabrigo worsted, skeins I had brought with me with the intention of having them available for new knitters to knit with. Well that went out the window as soon as they started ordering from the 'net and I decided they could fend for themselves in the big world of yarn purchases, and was SO excited about the colour combo of neon lime with vivid blue/purple - declared by all to be 'HOT', and so the beanie was conceived.


I checked out a few on Ravelry to see if there was a pattern I'd like to follow, and though I found a few, I ended up just casting on and winging it, decreasing where I felt necessary and trucking along very nicely.

I debated in depth before casting on to decide what type of stripes...
Rev 0 : Too Cat In The Hat
Rev 1 : Random stripes, some thick some thin, possibley use random stripe generator
Rev 2 : Little regular thin stripes - give a more sleepy look?

In the end I started with the random striping but decided that a single row pinstripe between two bands of 3 row contrast colour looked amazing, so I kept on with that pattern. A good 6 inches or so of plain blue/purple 2x2 rib at the start so I can fold the band back for a nice snug fit.


I am in LUFF with the finished outcome! I attached the pompom (yay! another pompom!) last night (yes..I did miss the party..) and only took it off when it got a little too toasty under that soft squishy merino warmth!

HOT beanie

Excuse the terrible photo - late at night but I didn't want to use flash, so it's all a little blurry and shaky I'm afraid - but I couldn't resist sharing it!

It may not be the most practical of hats, but I'm smitten, and planning to take it with us snowboarding this season too! Hurrah! :D


2paw said...

That's so funny!!! I love the expression on your face in the picture. The sketches are fabulous and the colours complement each other really well. A pompom can only enhance your lovely night cap!!

Ann said...

It's gorgeous & you have done a great job of spacing the stripes - so original!

kazzajoyce said...

Love the hat. I think it is perfect.