Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sharing the Joy!

Knitting, craft and general creativity would have to be up there amongst the things in life that bring most joy to my life. Friends, family, love, music, colour.... knitting

So I'm thrilled so many people up here show interest too - some even interested enough to learn! I told you earlier of Michelle who has taken up the sticks and is now leaving a burning wake of red-hot knitting in her wake - truly this girl is a prodigy! So good natured, a great student and such a good friend - happily Shell is now on Ravelry too! Look her up as 'MissMichelle' if you'd like to see her creations. Knitting for less than two weeks and she's already finished a fabulous scarf (Scrunchable Scarf), headband (Dream Swatch) and is now casting on for a beanie and shrug!

Another two of my colleagues wanted to learn so we held a little Knit Knite at my rooms and soon Emma and Steph were clicking away!

Knit Knite! (6)

Advice given, orders were palced and the girls have had yarn arriving at camp to cast on tehir own first projects. It is SUCH fun to have a little posse of knitters up here now!!

We planned to have a bit of a get together and Represent for World Wide Knit in Public day yesterday... but I was a little disenchated to start with. This is how it looked for the first hour...

WWKIP alone!

But soon a couple of the girls arrived and all was well - a few couldn't make it, and I didn't end up putting all the signs and such out that I had planned to - but that's ok :)

WWKIP 2009 representin

We were in a very open public spot, where all most camp-dwellers walk past, and every person who cruised past had a good squiz at what we were doing - many stopping to chat or ask questions... mission accomplished!

I didn't get much knitting done at all, since most of my time was spent guiding and helping out and detangling Em's diabolical Noro Cash Iroha mess! Gah!

WWKIP 2009 tanlges

The girl has taste though, first yarn she buys is cashmere and silk! Would have been helpful if I'd remembered to tell her to wait for the swift and winder before casting on.... ah well, all untangled now and ready to roll :)

I've a few FOs to share, but will save them for next time - I've got to get my needles clicking to keep up with these whipper-snapper new recruits!


2paw said...

I think new knitters are far more adventurous and not willing to wait. Good on you all!!

Ann said...

Looks like you have done a great job in sharing the joy of knitting!