Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have at last put the finishing touches to little TumTum, the hippo knit from yarn dyed by Jolly Jumbuck and one of Ana Hrachovec's fabulous patterns.

In the end it was only attaching the little limbs that held me back, and the embroidery of nostrils and eyes. I've attached the little legs and arms as best as I could - here's hoping they're secure enoguh to withstand the tugs and playfulness of the little boy TumTum is destined for!

TumTum's first true love, however, will always be Bread...
After the final black and white of his peepers was complete I put him down and went to brush my teeth before bed. When I came back look what I found;

Tumtum in love!

Inter-plushie snuggling!!

I wish them all the happiness in the world, and hope their long distance relationship (once Tumtum begins his travels over to my friend's little boy) has the strength to endure - I think it will, just look at the adoring way Bread looks up at Tumtum... awwww!

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