Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Showering Baby Knits!

Well! Do I have a parade of baby knits for YOU! I certainly do, let me warn you..

This R&R past I as able to catch up with a gorgeous close friend of mine and her edible little man Tom (aka Tomatoe).

I had knit the presto Chango cardigan for him a while back, but hadn't until that day been able to find buttons for it - so it is now all trim and button-able and even has a wonderful little person inside!
presto mato
I'm very happy with the buttons despite feeling very uninspired at the giant craft store - pacing up and down the button section desperately picking up buttons and holding them against the lace panel, putting them back, plucking another sheet of buttons, putting them back..
presto chango buttoned
These are little plastic buttons - not the wonderful wood or (humanely made) antler I had envisioned, but I think they're fantastic :) They shimmer ever-so-slightly, like mother of pearl and have turned out to be just the right colour to match the Malabrigo Cotton.
presto mato (1)
What a sweet heart!

The little booties, well ok not-so-little booties (!!) I knit up a short while ago - Blue Steps - with some left over Bernat cotton (which I found lovely to work with) were also gifted to Lizza and her little man. They're MUCH too big for him now and we giggled over the size, but they'll fit him perhaps between 1-2 years and be nice little slippers - good to prepare for the future, eh? ;P
biege steps

Finally, the showering of knitted goods finished with two wee beanies - one I knit up on the fly, an Elfin Sprout beanie which reminds me of growing beanstalks
bubby beanies (3)
And the square tea-cosy crown style baby hat I knit up from some random pure wool yarn I had about - this one spent much more time hibernating than on the needles!!
bebbe stripes w bebbe (1)

So all in all I'm very happy with all those little knits and how they have turned out. Sir Tomatoe and his mama were equally delighted which made we even more thrilled! Mama Lizza has since told me that Tomatoe has worn his cardi and beanies almost continuously since they were bestowed - Hurrah!! Music to a knitter's ears!!


Ann said...

Looks like you have knitted the whole winter wardrobe for that little one. Great work.

Bonnie said...

Ahh, man - just when I manage to get the pro-baby-hormones out of my system (it's amazing what being crammed into small spaces with other peoples uncontrolled kids will do!) - you have to go and post pictures of babies in KNITWEAR!!!!

I'm doomed :(