Saturday, July 04, 2009

Thermis Wenchis!

Wenchis Thermis (5)

I finished this cowl a little while ago back in May but had some reservations about it - basically it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped. It's still workable and lovely and I'm still posting it off to my lovely friend for whom it's intended - but it's that sort of uneasy mild disappointment you feel when you imagine how something will be and it doesn't turn out that way. There might not be anything wrong with what DOES result, but since it's different than you imagined, it's hard to accept it entirely.

yarn wench Berry Parfait

Knit with yarn I bought a long while ago when I was a very new knitter - handspun from the Yarn Wench - I accidentally cast on with a twist when I had intended it to be Thermis (non ralvelry link), I stuck with the moebius style as it would add a different design interest. Unfortunately it turned out a little too large to work as a cowl exactly, more like a neckwarmer.

Luckily the good friend I'm sending it to is a dab hand at the sewing machine, so she might add some buttons or change it up somehow to better suit what she would like for it to be.

Wenchis Thermis (3)

I'm posting this off with TumTum the hippo - I always seem to spoil the little ones more than their mums and dads - well, now there's finally something more than a dishcloth knit for Zo!

p.s. sorry for the terrible photos! So hard to get photos in good light at the moment with long hours and early sunsets!

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2paw said...

Love the swirliness of both yarn and pattern!!!