Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Tale of Two Fibres

Recently I made a purchase of some wonderful fibre from Treetops Colour Harmony, with gifting in mind!

fibre - treetops - rhubarb

This lovely merino in Rhubarb from Treetops Colour Harmonies came in to my world with some other fibre destined to be shaped and moulded to be gifted to my lovely Mum as part of her birthday gift this year. Though Mum has knit in the past the skill has long been in hiatus until recently, when she has once again taken up the needles! *crowd shouts 'Hurrah!!'*


So this year for her birthday I wanted to gift her some handspun, and spin some of it in her presence so she could be part of the process :) We would have loved to do some spinning together, but time didn't allow this visit, but next time I hope we will have a craft fantastica with loads of time for spinning, quilting, knitting, crochet.....!!

I digress...

The first yarn spun for Mum, and spun while staying in her gorgeous home, was the Gypsy JamBerry - of which I have only progress shots to share so far (though I'm sure I can grab some finished shots from Mum!)

fibre - treetops - jamberry

I wanted a very exciting, alternative feel so spun a thick & thin, then plied with a thin golden thread to give a very corrogated and textured, wild looking yarn.

Gypsy Singles

The rich magenta, purple and red with little flashes of gold here and there made the yarn seem like a Gypsy woman's hair, wild and curly, with the rich colours of her silk scarf and the golden glint of her hoop earrings...

fibre - treetops - jamberry (1)

The other fibre I took back home with me and have just now wound it up into an edible looking cake ready to send off!

Rhubarb Prepped

This Rhubarb is my second experience of the Navajo ply (which I LUFF) and I'm so happy with how it's turned out :D


It feels like a nice medium weight yarn to my hand, but I'm not a terribly good judge, so I'll do my best to measure it up before I send it off to Mum! But it looks to be just the ticket for a born-again knitter ready to hit the needles again after some time off - enough yarn to make a decent accessory (hat, scarf, cowl, mittens, cushion, cozy of some sort..) and with personal interest and colour but not too daunting - hurrah!!


bon008 said...

I can only describe that post as Hardcode Fibre Porn :D

pendie said...

absolute yum

Momo4ever.Com said...

OMG. that yarn looks gorgeous!!! You're doing such a great job spinning!!!!

inoriz said...

Love the colour!

2paw said...

Well they are both gorgeous. You are sooo clever. I am in awe!!!