Sunday, May 16, 2010

Undecided - Help Required!

I am once again conflicted!
So I'm soliciting your help, gentle reader, if you will be so kind.

I have this gorgeous yarn, three skeins of Dream in Colour, Smooshy - in the delectable colourway of Happy Forest. I originally bought this yarn specifically to knit up a certain project - not something I generally do with yarn, more often I buy the yarn then figure out what it will be.


So I was obsessed with knitting Gigi, I loved the style, the shape and bought the perfect amount of yarn. But now I've lost the edge off that love! I think partly because my shweetie doesn't love that pattern, so that makes me question it too - will it suit me? Will it be flattering? I'm just not as madly infatuated by it anymore! Should I still knit it? Will the love reignite?


I've been looking at other patterns to see if something else leaps out and demands to be knit from the Smooshy. So far I don't have that many contenders. Perhaps a Featherweight cardigan?


I just don't know!

I'd like to knit an actual garment rather than a shawl. Particularly a cardigan would be good but perhaps one with short sleeves is another option as I won't have loads of yarn to knit it up from...

Dream in Colour 3

I welcome your comments and suggestions! I feel adrift and tetherless without a project to knit on!


bon008 said...

Hmm. Personally I love the Gigi!!

Lara said...

I like the featherweight cardi and I think it's flattering on everyone. If you wanted something that also looks flattering but has more challenge to it, maybe this Drops cardigan? (rav link)

That yarn is *gorgeous*! Love the color.

pendie said...

a few of my favorites are nantucket red, guinevere and divine. Sorry I couldn't link but they're all on ravelry and take dk yarn. your yarn is very awesome!

Momo4ever.Com said...

Gigi has been in my queue too but haven't got around to finding a yarn for it as I can be undecisive at times. Lots of projects waiting to be cast on doesn't help either :P

Anyway, I think the featherweight cardi will look fabulous but you might need to make some modifications since the pattern actually uses laceweight yarn? I'm actually planning to cast on the featherweight cardigan sometime this week :)

Ann said...

Featherweight has a lot of potential for variation as it's a top down cardi. I have knitted 2 & they are great.