Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Felting is AWESOME!

My sweetie's Fuzzy Feet are complete! I actually finished them a short while ago, but haven't made it to put all the photos and words together until now :) But not from lack of love! They are fabulous, very useful and comfortable - I’m so happy with how they turned out!
Fuzzy Feet!

This was my very first felting adventure so we took photos all the way through and had a BALL!!

Fuzzy Feet! (5)
(Look how huge they were to start with!)

Here they are a few minutes in..
Fuzzy Feet! (9)
Still very ginormous.

Fuzzy Feet! (7)

But then a few MORE minutes in!
Fuzzy Feet! (11)

The 'Before' size comparison:
Fuzzy Feet! (3)

And 'After' size:
Fuzzy Feet! (12)

It's magical!!

I absolutely highly recommend felting for anyone, and especially for those with kids - what a super fun science experiment, with a soft cooshy warm outcome! My shweetie thinks his fuzzy feet are awesome and now he wants to felt EVERYTHING I knit!! Hehee! :D


inoriz said...

You wrote this post at 5am? What you doing up at 5am?!
Hehe, our old Georgie Simpson top loader died, Sash. We brought him to Tas but he died.
We now have a front loader. So no felting for me!

Ann said...

Fantastic slippers. I love felting too & last year did a big batch of bags. I must try that slipper pattern.