Monday, May 17, 2010

Sharp Shootin' Hobby!

You may have noticed from some knitted goodies, like bolt cosies, that my shweetie and I practise sporting shooting as a hobby. But since we're working away and can't have our rifles with us, we're branching out and learning something new...

shooting sash

Pistol shooting!!

I truly was pointing at the target - this shot shows just after I fired - you can even see the wee case coming out of the gun! hee! The video gives an idea of how it works - you're timed on how long you take to load the gun and shoot each target twice. The guys we were shooting with who have done this for ages can do this in HALF the time you see here - mental! Other stages we move through walls and hallways, obstacles and shoot through portholes etc..

It is SO much crazy fun and we're having an absolute ball!! Not so good on my RSI though, which is causing some havoc at the moment and slowing up knitting somewhat :( Nevermind, I have TWO wrists, and shall learn continental to share the wrist strain!

p.s. Don't use the photo of me as an example - I'm holding the gun in a VERY bad way but luckily I learned the lesson without a very badass scar to prove it!


bon008 said...

Looking mighty fine there :) And more than a little bad-ass! :D

inoriz said...

Is it still warm there? You have to wear jumpers here now! LOL.