Friday, July 23, 2010

Fuzzy Ferret Feet

I was so inspired and filled with the Frenzy-of-the-Felt following my shweetie's Fuzzy Feet that I cast on almost straight away for a pair of my own!

I'm using the same brand of yarn, but in a different colourway which I'm sure will felt just as wonderfully with those great colour changes.

Fuzzy Ferrets

Unfortunately this poor knit has been way-laid on numerous occasions, and is in fact still in hibernation! First I lost a needle, so couldn't very well knit with just one. Then I did the wrong thing once I picked the knitting back up again after so long so had to rip back a few rows. And alas! It turned out I HADN'T done the wrong thing, so had to reknit it exactly as I'd undone!

But now it's ship shape and ready to go - just as soon as I finish my current deadlined gift knit!

Sorry Fuzzy Feet, but your time will come eventually!

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bon008 said...

Oooh, lovely colours!! :)